Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is important as discovering what leads people to live more meaningful lives can translate to better strategies for managing mental illness, correcting negative behaviors, and increasing our happiness and productivity.

This course is tailored to help sportsperson acquire positive mental habits, attitudes and sustainable mental health awareness. It builds one’s ability to project sobriety, articulation, good awareness and proper presentation of one’s image.

1. Mental Wellness

Early detection of, and intervention for, mental health symptoms is essential in the elite sporting context. Momentum Sports Africa therefore takes this into account and provides an early intervention framework and provides mental health awareness, to respond to a sports professional’s needs.
Mental wellness course builds the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of a sports professional. The course aims at helping sports professionals develop a variety of self-management skills that they can utilize to manage psychological distress, and highlighting the need for specialist multi-disciplinary teams or skilled mental health professionals to manage athletes with severe or complex mental disorders.

2. Competition Psychology

Momentum Sports Africa offers mental skills training (MST) to all sports professionals which plays a key role in the development of their optimal psychological state for peak athletic performance.
When compared to physical exercise, mental training is sometimes overlooked or handled only when an issue arises. But, just as technical abilities take time to develop, mental habits and attitudes do as well.
A few of the abilities and tools that are our focus of mental training are, identifying and overcoming obstacles, such as perfectionism or fear of failure and nurturing key attributes, such as confidence or concentration.