Financial Management

Financial literacy equips sports professionals with knowledge and skills needed to manage money effectively.

The finance course is designed to enhance one’s ability to make better financial decisions, effective management of money and debt, attainment of  financial goals and reduction of expenses through better regulation.

  • Money Management

Money management is an important life skill in the life of a Sports professional. You need to have basic personal financial skills as every step you take is directly or indirectly connected to how well you can manage your money.
A professional’s short-term financial status may seem ideal but they often struggle to save for long-term wealth. Momentum Sports Africa trains sports professionals on money management skills, we provide early exposure to financial affairs along with proper guidance.
As everyone is in the process of learning how to navigate their financial future. No one is born ready to make complicated financial decisions, and those that engage in the process early and reach out for more information and resources are best prepared to reach their financial goals. The training entails reviewing credit reports, reducing spending, increasing investment among other key aspects.

  • Taxation

Tax literacy helps sportspersons understand statutory deductions made on their own earnings. By acquiring basic knowledge of taxation and public expenditures, one becomes able to efficiently manage personal finances. Tax literacy influences tax compliance, helps build the sports fraternity to embrace the tax culture as well as ensure better handled finances without feeling short-changed.
The MSA Tax immersion program facilitates acquisition of concise methodology ensuring taxation concepts are turned out to be more tax literate and more willing to comply voluntarily. This is done through a sequence of training sessions built to facilitate elevation through a step process.